Cuisine Restaurants in Pemba, Mozambique


Based at Pemba Dive Lodge, Potbelly offers a panoramic view overlooking the indigenous savanna bush and mangrove estuaries inside Pemba Bay.
Traditional home cooked meals, buffet style with selected meats or fresh seafood, vegetarian dishes on request, light mid-day snacks and beach barbeque. As the African sunset dances to the heartbeat of the drums, it’s a great place for sundowners and stunning picture opportunities.
Do book in advance.


Il Pirate

An Italian Restaurant based in Murrebue, the hub of Kite Boarding. Do travel with a 4X4 only.
The best home made Pizzas in town, and the Italian food is great.

Pemba Cuisine Restaurants

Pemba Cuisine Restaurants


Situated across the road from the Immigration Offices, the Starfish Shop and Linger Lounge Coffee Shop is on the highest point in the bisha, with a stunning panoramic view of the entire Pemba Bay, it also overlooks the harbor and inner bay.
The Coffee Shop offers light healthy meals, cakes, tarts, salads and all beverages.
Picnic Baskets are available upon advance notice.
Within the Shop treat yourself to deli meats, frozen meats, fresh produce, cheeses, wines, body products, ethnic arts and much more. Wireless Internet is available.
Open Mon-Fri 08h30 – 16h00

Brazuca  Bar – Restaurant

A Brazilian social/nightclub Bar open till the late hours, and Restaurant based at Wimbi across the road from Pemba Dive Center. 
Closed on Mondays.

Restaurant 556

Situated at the top of the hill that leads down to Old Pemba town on Rua III, diagonally across from the Court House.
A South African restaurant specializing in a variety of South African meat cuts.
Choose from a full menu, snacks, Pizzas and freshest tender meats, direct from the grill.  At the Bar you can also eat and drink while watching your favorite match on the big screen.
Open 11h00 - Late

Restaurante Samar

Near the Cabo Delgado Hotel in Rue 25 de Setembro
The good old taste of Mozambican and Portuguese cuisine with a range of traditional dishes, seafood and other specials. 


There are some restaurants that do ignore the laws of reef fish and crustaceans.

Crabs, Prawns and Lobster

Eating out: A deterrent against diarrhea or food poisoning = to take a teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar 30 minutes before consuming crustaceans.

Treatment: Hydration is important, take anti-histamine and charcoal tablets and treat symptoms.
Crustaceans thrive well during: Rainy Season, Spring tides (growing Full moon & New moon).The rainy season (January – April) is when Crustaceans feed.

Bad times: Dry season or decreasing moon = there is little meat and they are in hibernation. October – December there is no rain.


Crabs     = 500gm (uncooked) or 10cm x 15cm
Crayfish  = 500gm

Undersized crustaceans do not have a chance to reproduce.

Pemba Cuisine Restaurants       Pemba Cuisine Restaurants

Mud Crab Live

Mud Crab Cooked

It is frowned upon and also illegal in some countries to eat reef fish; most popular is Parrot Fish and Potato Bass or any other type of grouper, usually caught under sized.

Spear Fishing is strongly discouraged due to the fact that most reef fish are shot.

Local language of Reef Fish:

The name given by Mozambique the fishermen for Coral is “Pedro” = stone, calling reef fish “Peixe Pedro or peish pedro” or else Fish off the Stone = Reef Fish.

The Parrot Fish Superstition:

The local fishermen believe should they catch certain Parrot Fish, they take the spinal bones of the Parrot Fish and crush them, then sprinkle the powder in a cross over their pregnant wives bellies to prevent the baby becoming either mad or deformed.
This has manifested itself due to certain times of the year when the skin of the Parrot Fish is poisonous and has a neuro-toxin, sometimes the discolored bones will show this.  Thus in the first trimester of a woman's pregnancy, she should not eat Parrot Fish due to the neuro-toxin damaging the brain and development of the unborn child.
Dolphin and Turtle meat are mammals, and are illegal to kill on the CITES List. They are not Halaal to the Muslim culture.


South African sustainable seafood initiative = This website offers a full list of all the fish that are green = safe, yellow = borderline or red = endangered.  Even at a restaurant you can sms SASSI your mobile number and the reply Sexy Women Lingerie will give you the status alert of the fish.
Do support the heartbeat of nature - it has its silent laws, Thank you.

You are welcome to enquire with any one of our staff regarding the nearby restaurants or for other recommendations.

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